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Sophie Schneider
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educative actions

Compagnie Dernière Minute
3 Bis Rue Boilly
31300 Toulouse - France


Théâtre National of Nice (FR)
From Wed 29 to Fri 31 january 2020 at 08:30 pm

Musique et Danse en Loire-Atlantique
Mardi 04 février 2020 à 20h30 - Le Champilambart à Vallet
Vendredi 07 février 2020 à 14h et 20h30 - Le Carré d’argent à Pont-Château



Blagnac  France


Rosny-sous-Bois  France
Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque
Rosny-sous-Bois  France
Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque
Rosny-sous-Bois  France
Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque
Rosny-sous-Bois  France
Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque
Paris  France
Le Centquatre
Paris  France
Le Centquatre
Fugue (Talents Adami Danse)

Bringing the work of young dancers to the forefront, this is the aim set by the Adami for its operation ‘Talents Adami Danse 2018’. This unique experience is an opportunity to collaborate with renowned artists who are eager to transmit their knowledge. This year’s event will be directed by two choreographers whose styles are worlds apart : Béatrice Massin and Pierre Rigal.
Together they have created Questions about a fugue (La Fugue en Question), which draws on both their aesthetics.

Choreography Béatrice Massin, Pierre Rigal
Artistic consultant Pedro Pauwels
Performance Karine Dahouindji, Alizée Duvernois, Marion Jousseaume, Damien Sengulen, Anaïs Vignon
Lighting Evelyne Rubert

Production ADAMI
With the help of la Place de la Danse – CDCN Toulouse / Occitanie (prêts d’espaces)


Biarritz  France
Le Colisée / Festival Le Temps d’Aimer
Moissac   France
Centre culturel
Aurillac  France
Théâtre d’Aurillac / Festival Les Eruptives
Tunis  Tunisie
Cité de la Culture Tunis
Paris   France
Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse
Saint-Nazaire  France
Scène nationale / Festival Les Musica’les
St-Et.-du-Rouvray  France
Le Rive Gauche
Brive-la-Gaillarde  France
Les Treize Arches
Toulouse  France
Théâtre des Mazades

Microréalité is an atypical trans-rock group, composed of 4 multi-instrumentalists, actors and dancers : Mélanie Chartreux, Gwen Drapeau, Julien Lepreux and Pierre Rigal. Inspired by the hybrid sounds of contemporary dance stages, the group has developed a shape-shifting musical style which has traveled to venues on the 5 continents (Seoul, New York, Hong-Kong, Geneva…). After a 3 week residency at the Metronum to finalise its first album, the group releases today it’s creation to the public as a prequel to the future “Carte Blanche” offered to Pierre Rigal on the 18th October. Performed in French, Microréalité’s songs start as languishing dub before twisting slowly into spectral punk. In the search for a long lost desire for reality…


Toulouse  France
Le Metronum
Toulouse  France
Le Metronum
Théâtre d’Angoulême scène nationale

Soulèvement (uprising) : Action of lifting upwards. Movement of the Earth’s crust. Movement of indignation. Movement of revolt.

Following a 6 day (33hours) masterclass at ISDAT school (Toulouse), Pierre Rigal creates a short dance piece with the students in contemporary dance.
In this work, Pierre Rigal stages a kind of widespread exaggeration of social beha-viours. A reunion between friends seems to multiply infinitely… As if keeping the lid on a pressure cooker ready to explode.

The 11 dancers mix voice and movement to progress towards their goal, action and uprising by interlacing and cog-wheeling their bodies.


Toulouse  France
Journée portes-ouvertes ISDAT
Toulouse  France
Journée portes-ouvertes ISDAT
Toulouse  France
Journée portes-ouvertes ISDAT
Toulouse  France
Musée des Augustins (La nuit des étudiants)
Toulouse  France
ISDAT / Auditorium St Pierre-des-Cuisines
(Teenagers) Standards

The company was solicited by the association Amalgam located in Merville, to re-create an extract of the show Standards with the K-Libre company, a group of 9 young amateur dancers aged between 14 and 19 years old. This project was made possible thanks to the initiative of “Amateur Dance and Repertoire” put in place by the Centre National de la Danse. The group was accompanied in their access to the repertoire and choreographic culture. 40 hours of rehearsal are planned, most of which will take place in the company’s studio. The group will also attend the performances of two other hip-hop shows created by Pierre Rigal : Asphalte and Scandale.
The extract of Standards has been presented at the Rencontres nationales on the 26th May 2018 at Théâtre Ledoux scène nationale of Besançon.

With : Thomas Aigon, Dimitri Boyer, Isaia Clerc, Erwan Ecorchard, Martin Lagrange, Luigi Pappalardo, Harry Sait, Jalil Seddiki, Mateo Souillard.
Contributors from the company : Pierre Rigal (choreographer), Mélanie Chartreux (artistic assistant), Camille Regneault (dancer-performer), Julien Saint-Maximin (dancer-performer)
Coordination of the project - Rehearser for the Association Amalgam : Marie Dessaux


Blagnac  France
RDV nomade / IUT
Besançon  France
Les 2 scènes / Rencontre nationale danse en amateur
Bruguières  France
Le Bascala
Bruguières  France
Le Bascala
The Day of Dance

As part of his mission for the National Center of Choreographic Development of Toulouse-Occitanie (CDCN), Pierre Rigal has given the structure a new name : La Place de la Danse. To open this new season, he has imagined and co-organised with Corinne Gaillard, directress of the CDCN, the Day of Dance, which took place on Saturday 30th September 2017, in the center of Toulouse.

Saturday 30th Septembre 2017
Gameboy by Sylvain Huc
Giga Barre by Kader Belarbi - Ballet of the Capitole
Walking the line by Benjamin Vandewalle
Bodies in urban spaces by Willi Dorner

In co-direction with ARTO - Nomadic season and Street festival of Ramonville.


Toulouse  France
La Place de la Danse
Enhanced conversation

A project for Maison de la Culture - Bourges (Scènes détournées)

People flood the stage… Ten or so microphones go from hand to hand and everyone tries to say something. Either a simple introduction of one’s self as a conversation between several human-beings alluding to platitudes, memories, statements, conflicts… All these voices are swallowed live and then notched, fragmented, digested by a machine in a corner of the stage. This dissection machine connected to all the microphones is controlled by musicians. Progressively, they add vocal artefacts to the testimonies. While one person is talking, we hear the superimposition of an other voice, thus confusing the sources, tones but also ideas. Then only a few words are looped, just like obsessions on repeat who invade the conversation. And finally only syllables, who make the voices stammer to the pinnacle. This epileptic cacophony only lasts a moment. While the loops get organised, synchronise and tune to finally bring out the musicality. This music made of noise and words is progressively joined by real instruments : guitares, keyboards, drums etc… Then the lyrics of a song brought on by a chorus. In unisson, in canon, in response. The repetitive music takes over the bodies like a trance, creating mass movements and dance. The chorus is sung in a loop until it breaks, deconstructing itself to become simple words again or the individual’s conversations : exchanges, whispering, stammering… The sweating bodies become mechanical again, hesitating then immobile. All this cycle will be able to repeat itself and each loop will never really be the same.
Julien Lepreux

With Mélanie Chartreux, Malik Djoudi, Gwenaël Drapeau, Julien Lepreux et Pierre Rigal


Aubigny-sur-Nère  France
MCB Bourges / Scènes détournées
La Perche  France
MCB Bourges / Scènes détournées
Soye-en-Septaine  France
MCB Bourges / Scènes détournées
Vallenay  France
MCB Bourges / Scènes détournées
Boulleret  France
MCB Bourges / Scènes détournées
Morogues  France
MCB Bourges / Scènes détournées
Poitiers  France
Centre de Beaulieu
Que serai-je serai-je

Dance solo by Pierre Rigal
With Mélanie Chartreux, winner of the 3rd edition of the Rencontres Talents Danse Adami.
Created on the 18th October 2008 at the Moulin du Roc in Niort for the festival Les Eclats Chorégraphiques & Talents danse Adami.
“Que serai-je ?” What I become I become ? That question regularly haunting our minds, as children, teenagers, adults, resonates like an impatient hope for the future, a quest for the ideal but lingers in the air like a worrying interrogation.
“What I’ll become, I’ll become” danced and sang solo beholds in its tittle all the hesitations and doubts that are caused by the initial question. It stages a character, a young lady moulded into the stereotype, fully smiling to the naive dream of perfection. But this dance will be that of desillusion ; doll of flesh and bone and hope will stagger like the diamond on a scratched vinyle. And thus after having fought against doubts, jolts and the convulsions of the body’s image who looses all at once, feet and face.

choreography Pierre Rigal
performance Mélanie Chartreux
Music Que sera sera by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans, interpreted by Pink Martini and adapted by Pierre Rigal

Produced by the compagnie dernière minute, Gate Theatre London,
with the support of Théâtre Garonne - Toulouse & DRAC Midi-Pyrénées


Paris  France
Micadanse / Talents danse Adami
Noto  Italie
Fondazione Teatro Vitt.Emmanuele
Cahors  France
Théâtre de Cahors / ADDA 46
Figeac  France
Espace François Mitterrand / ADDA 46
Paris  France
Théâtre du Rond-Point / Soirée Modernité On/Off
La Mort est Vivante

”photo-photographic” installation

“The artificial bodies, statues, dummies, automates, androids have forever troubled humain kind : to the letter, it’s a myth. “ Roland Barthes.

Under the sporadic lights of our shop windows, the dummies observe the passers-by. Spectres of wild consumption, these ghosts dream of tearing down our own reflections. Human beings, more than human, monstrous, more than monsters, they crumble, they twist, they hold on moaning. Our corpses are for sale.
Because there is nothing more common than the neon to light the modern commercial stalls, Pierre Rigal stages these spectral faces, in the light of randomly flashing neon tubes. A concert of light and sound … searching for the poetry of trivial commerce.
Pierre Rigal

Lighting and set up for the photographic object by Pierre Rigal with the collaboration of Frédéric Stoll

Created on the 22nd June 2007 at Théâtre national de Toulouse for the event Comme un été

Produced by the compagnie dernière minute with the support of Théâtre national de Toulouse
In coproduction with Le Hub, plate forme d’expériences / artishoc / studio watoo


My shadow is not dark !

My shadow is not dark ! is an intervention
Created on the 15th October 2005 at Centre des Arts in Enghien-les-Bains

It is a lecture staging fourteen people after a two day masterclass, who have taken over the stage and video device that I put to them.

My shadow is not dark ! brings forward the shift and diversions that exist between a thing and its appearance. The text which is the object of this lecture was written in 1977 by Grisédilis Réal. It is found in the “carnet de bal d’une courtisane” edited by Verticales.
Pierre Rigal. 14th March 2006

Conception Pierre Rigal
With the collaboration of Enora Rivière
Video George Dyson
With Virginie Azzarello, Fabienne Barry, Elodie Begards, Lorie Bellanger, Cathy Chassang, Brigitte Clerc, Delphine Devez, Clarisse Forestier, Marie Guillam, Charlotte Ravary, Hélène Risterrucci, Thierry Schalck, Julie Syras, Valérie Torroja

Produced by the compagnie dernière minute
With the support of Centre des Arts à Enghien les Bains, DICREAM, Arcadi & Scène nationale de Sénart


Enghien Les bains  France
Centre des Arts / Les Bains numériques
Noisy-le-Sec  France
Théâtre des Bergeries
Combs-La-Ville  France
Scène nationale de Sénart
Combs-La-Ville  France
Scène nationale de Sénart
Dans la peau d'un autre

Choreography Ariry Andriamoratsiresy
Dancer Pierre Rigal

I leave on a trip and end up on the other side of the planet. There, under the heat, I know nothing of these new streets in which I walk. I know nobody, really nobody. I need to meet someone who will maybe guide me.. There, I encounter a man who talks to me. And while I listen to him, I hear two voices coming out of his mouth, the second one sounds like mine. A second brain has pushed its way into my skull. My heart only beats one out of two thumps, and sometimes my lungs fill up with dust and then my eyes change to the colour of the light that surrounds me. Blisters erupt on my stomach, my skin progressively thickens and stops me from moving. My legs leave, galloping faster an faster, but my arms prefer to stay and talk with the man I have just met. I need to get myself back.

Costume design and accessories Sylvie Marcucci
Production management Géraldine Leong Sang & Sophie Schneider

Coproduced by SACD / Festival Montpellier Danse 2005
With the support of TNT - Théâtre national of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, City of Toulouse and Art Mada, French-Malagasy cooperation


Montpellier  France
Festival Montpellier Danse / Vif du Sujet
Montpellier  France
Festival Montpellier Danse / Vif du Sujet
Montpellier  France
Festival Montpellier Danse / Vif du Sujet
Montpellier  France
Festival Montpellier Danse / Vif du Sujet
Paris  France
Festival Paris Quartier d’été
Paris  France
Festival Paris Quartier d’été
Caen  France
Centre chorégraphique national de Caen
Vanves  France
Festival Artdanthé
San Salvador  Salvador
Teatro Presidente
Fresnes  France
Maison d’arrêts
Noto  Italie
Fondazione Teatro Vitt.Emmanuele
Gotein Libarrenx  France
Festival XIRU
Paris  France
Musée Picasso
Saint-Gaudens  France
Théâtre Jean Marmignon
Harbin  Chine
Harbin Grand Theatre
Tianjin  Chine
Tianjin Grand Theatre
Educational activities

Educational activities season 18-19
Workshops by Pierre Rigal for 2 classes from Collège des Châlets in Toulouse (FR)
Monday 18 & Tuesday 19 february 2019- at the Studio of the company - Toulouse (31)

Masterclass by Pierre Rigal Movement & actions dance
Saturday 25 may 2019 from 02:30 pm to 05:30 pm at Espace Saint-Cyprien - Toulouse (FR)
Tel : 05 61 22 27 77

Atelier des 200, workshop - acting, dancing and singing, 200 amateurs working with Pierre Rigal & 3 other artists : Caroline Binder & Frédéric Sonntag & l’Ensemble Les Métaboles.
Staurday 8 et Sunday 9 june 2019 au Théâtre Sénart (77)
Tel : Florian Corvée, chargé des relations avec les publics at Théâtre Sénart 01 60 34 53 72