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Compagnie dernière minute
New address :
6 bis rue Dolive
31300 Toulouse - France


PUBLIC spectacle participatif et festif
Samedi 7 janvier à 18h
Dimanche 8 janvier à 15h
L’Aria Cornebarrieu

Saturday 14 january at 08:30 pm
Sunday 15 january at 05:00 pm
Festival Suresnes cités danse


The dance is demanding, precise and sophisticated but is primitive at first, naive, free, intuitive, crazy. It is a natural and universal language of the human body. It is a reflection, positioning, revealing the body in the social, philosophical, religious and economic field. Dancing is also a political thought and a political action.

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The company dernière minute was founded when Pierre Rigal created his solo Erection on the 21st November 2003, and follows his work ever since.
His plays are at the intersection of theatre, circus, music, visual and fine arts, mime, and of course dance. Pierre Rigal is constantly looking to weave links between these different arts. The preoccupation of body and movement is at the chore of the inspiration and language of his pieces. Dance becomes a tool at the service of various themes. The notion of Future in the wider sens seams to particularly lead the whole of his creative work.

Pierre Rigal is associated to the Maison de la Culture of Bourges since September 2015.

Board of the company :
President : Dzu Lê Liêu
Secretary : Line Chassagne
Treasurer : Danièle Damon

Administration of the company :
Artistic Direction : Pierre Rigal
Administration : Suzanne Maugein
Booking : Nathalie Vautrin

Counsellor in partnership : Samy Rebaa

References :

Paris :
Théâtre de la Ville-Les Abbesses, Théâtre du Rond-Point, Théâtre National de Chaillot, La Villette, le Centquatre, Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, Le Monfort théâtre, International Visual Theater, Les Arènes de Montmartre, Le Silencio-Club, Les Bouffes du Nord, Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine- St-Denis, Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Saint-Denis, Théâtre Jean-Vilar - Suresnes, Opéra de Paris - Palais Garnier, Musée Picasso, Musée de l’Histoire de l’Immigration

London :
London Mime Festival, Gate Theatre, Sadler’s Wells, Southbank Center

Toulouse Métropole :
Théâtre National de Toulouse, Théâtre Garonne, Théâtre Sorano, l’Université Toulouse 1, Odyssud à Blagnac, L’Escale à Tournefeuille,

Pierre Rigal

Born in 1973 in Moissac, France.
Top athlete, specialist in 400m and 400m steeple races, Pierre Rigal obtained a degree in mathematical economics at the university of social sciences of Toulouse, then a bachelor’s degree in cinema at the superior school of audiovisual in Toulouse.
While he was training as a dancer, he met choreographers such as Heddy Maalem, Bernardo Montet, Wim Vandekeybus, Nacera Belaza, Philippe Découflé and stage directors such as Mladen Materic and Guy Alloucherie.
In 2002 he was part of the company Gilles Jobin for the creation of the piece Under Construction and the revival of The Moebius Strip (2003-2006).
At the same time, he worked as a director for video clips and documentary films, such as Balade à Hué that he directed in 2001 for the french broadcasting channel France 3.
In November 2003, Pierre Rigal founded the company dernière minute, conceived and performed his first play erection co-directed with Aurélien Bory at the Théatre National of Toulouse.

In June 2005, he performed for the choreographer Ariry Andriamoratsiresy in the solo Dans la peau d’un autre for the program ‘Vif du sujet’ produced by the SACD / Montpellier Danse.
In October 2006 he created the play arrêts de jeu with Aurélien Bory at the Théatre National of Toulouse.
In May 2007 he took part in the event ‘comme un été’ at the Théatre National of Toulouse by presenting La mort est vivante a photo-photographic installation.
In February 2008, he was commissioned by the London Gate Theatre to create and perform a new solo : press and at the end of 2008 he created the solo que serai-je serai-je for the dancer Mélanie Chartreux who won the national competition of ‘Talents Danse Adami’.
In 2009, he created asphalte a hip-hop theatre play for the Festival Suresnes Cités Danse and for the Maison de la Danse of Lyon.
During the 2010 Avignon festival, he presented micro which was then hosted at the Théatre Vidy-Lausane in January 2011 for development and creation of the final version.
In July 2011 he directed the video clip Give me a light taken from the show micro.
In February 2012, he created standards, a piece for 8 hip-hop dancers for the 20 year anniversary of the Festival Suresnes Cités Danse, the longer version was developed for the Marseille Festival in June 2012. That same year, he created théâtre des opérations a piece for 9 Korean dancers at the LG Arts Center in Seoul. The play then came to Europe at the Festival d’Automne in Normandy and at the Théatre du Rond-Point in Paris.
In 2013, Pierre collaborated with Jean-Michel Ribes for the revival of Théatre sans animaux and Emmanuel Daumas for the play Anna, by specifically working on the comedians’ movement.
In July 2013 he created bataille for the Avignon Festival, a piece for Hassan Razak and Pierre Cartonnet for the program Sujets à Vif. The full version of this duo was created on the 2nd of December 2013 at the Douai Hippodrome for the festival Les Multipistes.
Concurrently to this Pierre Rigal regularly gives workshops in different institutions, particularly at the Korean National Dance Company of Seoul or at the Vaganova Academy in St Petersburg.

Design : Lazy Dog - Toulouse
Realisation : Dragon Création CMS+ - Toulouse
  Aurélien Bory

Born in Colmar in 1972
He is the director of the 111 Company, founded in 2000 and settled in Toulouse. Having started as a juggler, Aurélien Bory has developed a singular and hybrid “physical theatre” at the crossroads of various disciplines (theatre, circus, dance, visual arts, music…). He sees the stage as a spatial art and bases a big part of his work on stage design. His most recent plays are Géométrie de caoutchouc (2011) created in Nantes, Sans objet (2009) created in Toulouse and Les sept planches de la ruse (2007) created in China. His shows tour the world, this international recognition started in with Plan B (2003) and Plus ou moins l’infini (2005), both created in collaboration with Phil Soltanoff. Also inspired by dance, Aurélien Bory directed choreographer Pierre Rigal in érection (2003) and Arrêts de jeu (2006). He also conceived two portraits of women, Questcequetudeviens ? (2008) for the flamenco dancer Stéphanie Fuster and Plexus (2012) for the Japanese dancer Kaori Ito. In 2013 when Marseille was European Capital of Culture, he imagined a new project for Moroccan acrobats, Azimut, 10 years after Taoub the founding show of the Acrobatic Group of Tangier.
Aurélien Bory’s plays are animated by questioning space. He can only conceive his theatrical work as “the renewal of shape” and “by leaving space for the spectator’s imagination”.
Aurélien Bory received the Creators Without Boarders prize in 2008.
Since 2011, he is an associate artist of the Grand T theatre in Nantes.

  Hassan Razak

Born in 1983 in Khemisset, Morocco.
He meet Mourad Bouhlali and discovered theatre in 1988.
In 1997 he started acting in plays written by Jarry, Lorca, Michaux, Koltès… And in 2001 acted in Philosophal, a film by Farid Fedjer. Sensitive to rhythm and percussions, he is of the founders of the Onstap Company with which he toured the whole of France. The company’s work is based on the weaving of different forms such as theatre, step : body percussion technics who originated with black american slaves.
Between 2004 and 2005 he trained at the Professional School of Dance in Montpellier then was assistant choreographer to Hamid Ben Mahi (Hors Série Company, in Bordeaux) : Existe, Existe (2006), Faut qu’on parle (Avignon Festival in 2006), On n’oublie pas (2007), La Géographie du Danger (2010).
He also takes part in the launch of art laboratories initiated by the Hors Série Company.
He has worked regularly for the past 10 years with Guy Allouceroe’s HVDZ company, particularly on the project Les Veillées.
In 2007 he created Parce qu’on va pas lâcher, a “percussive duo” with Mourad Boulhali that was played over 250 times in the whole of Europe.
In 2008, Hassan Razak played an acting part in Florent Sauze’s film Trompe l’oeil.
In May 2013 at the Contemporary Dance Center in Avignon called Les Hivernales, he created My God ! a danced questioning of religious traditions and their transmissions.


Compagnie dernière minute is subsidised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / DRAC Occitanie, the region Occitanie and by the City of Toulouse.
For its tours abroad, the company is regularly subsidised by the Institut Français.


The BNP Paribas Foundation accompanied the work of the company from september 2008 to june 2019.